DIMAQ have been working hard to find new and creative solutions to the challenges brought up by the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically the restrictions on sending technicians out to install new machines.

We are extremely happy with the results of our new video guide to set up EBAKI slicing machines.

These videos, along with Zoom and Microsoft Teams have enabled us to complete pending installations remotely, without needing a technician on site. This has helped our customers to start up their new EBAKI machines and is a great result for them and for DIMAQ.

The short video series clearly explains how to set up the different parts of the slicer and is a technical support that the customer can refer to whenever needed.

The videos were shot at DIMAQ’s head office in Gipuzkoa and edited by Marian Etxebeste.

grabación de vídeos puesta en marcha de las fileteadoras de carne ebaki