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Dimaq promotes the EBAKI filleting machine in Russian

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Dimaq promotes the EBAKI filleting machine and its new website in Russian, in one of the most prestigious magazines in the meat sector in Russia, MSP magazine. Advertising in MSP magazine is a great investment, with a bimonthly periodicity, it is aimed directly at an active and qualified public in the meat sector. In

It’s our birthday !

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18 years ago, Dimaq was founded as a food machinery import company. In 2011 we created very own horizontal meat slicing machine, the EBAKI, as we saw the clear need for one in the market.  EBAKI has transformed our company from import to export, with a solid presence in X countries around the world.

Dimaq launches a new website in russian

2020-08-28T11:37:35+02:0026 August 2020|Categories: Slicer|Tags: , |

Dimaq launches a new website targeted at the Russian market. With the same design as the original, the user has easy access to both the technical details of each model and the operating videos. At Dimaq we continue to invest in new markets and to achieve the trust and satisfaction of all our customers

Video guide to set up EBAKI slicing machines

2020-05-14T17:21:01+02:0014 May 2020|Categories: Fileteadora, Slicer|Tags: , , , |

DIMAQ have been working hard to find new and creative solutions to the challenges brought up by the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically the restrictions on sending technicians out to install new machines. We are extremely happy with the results of our new video guide to set up EBAKI slicing machines. These videos, along with Zoom and

The Ebaki slicer present in the INDAGRA exhibition

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The Indagra takes place annually, in Bucharest. National and International exhibitors present every year the latest products and production technologies in meat and poultry industry. Thanks to our agent in Rumania, the company TEHNOVILUTY , the EBAKI slicer was present in this interesting show.